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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Apple shows us what HomePod is capable of in a video

The sale of Apple's smart speaker, HomePod, is beginning to stir the interest of users . We have seen many videos of how it is , its potential, its limitations, and even how it is manufactured and its null possibilities of repair .

And in his official account of support on YouTube , the company of the bitten apple has published yesterday a video of just over three minutes , in which it shows clearly and very graphically all the things that this speaker is capable of doing .

In it we can see the speaker in action, how it obeys Siri's commands, how with voice commands it is able to play the music you want , how you can answer a phone call or how it is synchronized with your iPhone or iPad ..

If in doubt, this video will help users who have acquired the loudspeaker to learn how to use it in a faster and more practical way . We remind you that only three countries have been chosen by Apple for the sale of HomePod, and they are the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

At the moment there is no news of when it will be launched in our country or the list will be expanded. The critics to this apparatus are very diverse, and come in large part because for its price it does not offer, according to some users , such an exceptional sound quality when compared to other similar speakers. In another order of things, only obeys naturally to Apple Music service.

With a starting price in the United States of 349 dollars , we will have to wait for a price presumably of about 399 euros in Spain or other European countries when it appears for sale. The HomePod is available in two colors, black and white.

Are you interested as a future purchase? Do you prefer Amazon or Google?

Via | macrumors 

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