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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Apple Watch detects diabetes with 85% accuracy

While diabetes is a disease that has always existed, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle causes premature increase in cases among young people in developed countries, the number of affected in the United States of 100 million people .

When one in four people have diabetes without knowing it, determining if we are at risk for this disease may be possible thanks to the Apple Watch . This is demonstrated by a surprising study carried out and that has shown an accuracy in the early detection of this disease of 85 percent.

A new study of the electrocardiogram shows that by using heart rate monitors in wearable devices like this wearable Apple, neural networks can now detect if the user shows the first signs of diabetes with amazing accuracy.

The University of California has made measurements with 14,000 smart watch users. And the study found that 462 users had diabetes, which extrapolated the data showed an accuracy of 85 percent .

They are data that invite reflection, in addition to this if you suspect that you can suffer from this disease what you should do is go to the doctor and not trust this doubt to your watch. In addition iOS 11.3 reinforces the Health app with recent developments, but the reference should be in your health center.

Apple presented on September 19, 2017 Series 3 of its clock , which has the ability to make and receive phone calls, and has an improved processor as the main incentive. The company has already shown its interest in integrating applications of health and physical well-being, trying to ensure that its users do not take their physical condition with something accessory. 

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