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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Apple will recover the rainbow logo of the bitten apple

Apple may be planning to reuse its popular logo of the apple bitten with the rainbow . This is indicated by a patent processed in December by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is now being considered for approval.

The description of this patent suggests that "an apple with a bite, with a green leaf and divided into multiple colors in horizontal segments" will be used for hats, hats and caps .

Currently, Apple already sells some shirts with the rainbow logo of the apple bitten in its new Apple Park . So this patent does nothing but extend the marketing of the company . Anyway, it is unknown if the Cupertino are planning to use this patent or simply protect their logo against illicit uses.

How the Rainbow Apple Apple logo was born

The classic multicolored logo of Apple was conceived by the graphic designer Rob Janoff in 1977. But, interestingly, Steve Jobs discarded the design when he returned to Apple in 1997 in favor of the monochrome logo that continues to be used today.

The "Rainbow of Apple" was created as a modern replacement of the old black and white logo designed by Ron Wayne in which Isaac Newton is shown reading under a tree with an apple about to fall.

It is very possible that Apple has in mind to put on sale many more merchandising products in their stores and / or Apple Park . Remember that this center will be visited by thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the year, so it is not a bad idea to recover the rainbow logo of the bitten apple. Would you buy a hat with this retro logo? Do you plan to visit the Apple Park?

Source | Macrumors 

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