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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Bill Gates against Apple: "the government should be able to hack phones"

Apple and the FBI became embroiled in a controversial battle a couple of years ago in relation to the decryption of the iPhone of the San Bernardino case. For its part, Apple did not want to hack the smartphone , and the agency lashed out harshly against the technology company.

Finally, both won. Apple did not have to be forced to decrypt the terminal, and the FBI managed to hack the iPhone thanks to a third party company that was responsible for decrypting the device.

Now, Bill Gates has shared some curious words publicly. According to him, he would have allowed the government to hack the iPhone . He did not say it with the same words, but he made it clear.

    "Companies must be careful not to ... promote things that could prevent the government from being able, under proper analysis, to perform the kind of functions we all expect them to do."

Obviously, Bill Gates did not specify that he was talking about Apple and the FBI ... but there is no doubt that it is a poisoned dart to the company of the bitten apple. Although it does not stop being his mere opinion, and is in his total right to share it.

On the other hand, he also spoke about the technology companies in general:

    "There is always a question about how much technology is helping a small group of people so that it can cause damage ... these groups could have access to nuclear weapons, bioterrorism or cyberterrorism."

Hard words from Bill Gates, who sees a future in the style of Black Mirror if the development of technology continues to advance along this path. But, for whatever reason, users can not allow our privacy to be compromised when it comes to allowing the government to access our encrypted information.

Source | BGR 

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