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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Cobalt is Apple's new obsession to prolong the life of your iPhone

Often, many Android fans take chest in terms of specifications under the simple argument that Apple does not invent anything, but copies characteristics of others, such as facial recognition. We have said many times, the goal of Apple is not to be the first to develop something, but to be the best .

But let's not fool ourselves, it is also a leading manufacturer in innovation. It is no coincidence that their chips sweep the competition , or that the OLED screen manufactured by Samsung for the iPhone X performs better than the Samsung's own OLED displays . There is innovation and technology of the highest level at all levels of product development .

One of the black spots of Apple is the autonomy of the batteries . Let me explain: in Cupertino have developed a software so optimized that is able to hold more hours with less amperage, which explains that the batteries of the iPhone can be smaller. But still, for many users it seems insufficient.

Apple is working on it and the distribution in L is already well known, but the next big advance in terms of batteries will be strategic . As explained by Bloomberg , Apple would be trying to close a 5-year agreement to ensure the supply of thousands of tons of cobalt, acquiring it directly from the miners themselves.

Cobalt is an essential metal in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries, the most used among devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, computers, etc.

This change in the production policy marks a before and after in the supply management of the company of the bitten apple , which historically has delegated this work to the battery manufacturers. Why have you made this decision?

Cost savings

A truism of any business: reducing intermediaries, it is possible to save money . The price of cobalt has tripled in the last 18 months due to various factors, according to TechCrunch . In this way, closing this agreement for several years could mean a saving of millions of euros.

Among the reasons for the increase in the price of cobalt is a greater demand, and that is that more and more devices use this type of batteries, which this upward trend in its price has only just begun .
Electric car fever

As with oil, cobalt will be a fever for which many manufacturers are not prepared . Currently, a quarter of the world's cobalt supply is used for mobile batteries, but if in the next decade the electric car is confirmed as a substitute for the traditional car, the cobalt panorama will change radically.

Nobody wants to run out of cobalt, so companies such as BMW or Volkswagen are in the same situation as Apple , looking for a long-term supplier that provides them with the desired metal to not be left behind in this transport revolution. So Apple no longer competes with other mobile manufacturers, but car brands are also found in their battle.

Control the production chain

But cobalt is not an infinite resource . So an increase in exponential demand could lead to shortages and tensions in the market. Sadly the coltan is an example of how a valuable metal for the industry can provoke coups and wars, and Apple does not want to buy Cobalt stained with blood.

Approximately 66% of the world supply of Cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where there is still child exploitation and the conditions in some mines are not the best.

Apple wants to ensure the traceability of its production , or what is the same, get the cobalt in an ethical way, something that can only be negotiated directly with the mining. It is not the first time that Apple is involved in cases of exploitation , but the signature of Cook always tries to take action on the matter as soon as possible

Make your own batteries?

The last point is more speculation than anything else. Apple designs its hardware and develops its software, and thanks to the i + D + I department, it creates real engineering marvels such as the A chip line or the notch that hides a series of sensors. Well, the next step could be to develop your own batteries .

There have been no rumors about that possibility, so it may not be marked on your agenda for the immediate future, but we must not rule it out because in Cupertino they have always wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible and to control production as much as possible.

If Apple made the batteries of their iPhone, there is no doubt that they would be of the best quality and efficient to the maximum , something vital considering the affair batterygate that has sprinkled the firm in recent times. 

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