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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Comparison Apple Music vs. Spotify: features, price ... Which is better?

When Apple introduced its Apple Music back in June 2015 during its annual WWDC, I already knew that it was launching into a complicated industry. After the piracy and the iTunes model, in Cupertino they presented their candidacy to fight arm in arm with Spotify for the reign of streaming music.

A battle that seemed lost in advance, but that begins to bear fruit in countries like the United States , where this summer is expected to outperform Spotify in number of subscribers .

Apple Music is the streaming music service of the bitten apple, so it is installed by default on every iPhone and iPad since its launch with iOS 8.4, which a priori provides a certain competitive advantage over Spotify .

Unfortunately and unlike Spotify, the free version of Apple Music leaves a lot to be desired , but if you like music and plan to pay to take away advertising and enjoy all the options of Spotify, maybe you should also appreciate Apple Music.

So that you do not mess up, we have compared the differences and similarities of both services so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which is better?
Musical catalog

Apple has a huge iTunes library of more than 45 million songs that Apple Music has taken, although available we find more than 30 million. Approximately the same volume of songs can be found on Spotify, although Taylor Swift is out of it.

An advantage of Apple Music over Spotify is that you have your own songs ripped from CDs or downloaded from iTunes, so you can listen to everything on the same site. Point for Apple .
Musical discoveries

One of the great strengths of streaming music is that it allows us to meet new artists and themes continuously . Fortunately, both platforms have personalized recommendations that you surely love.

While Spotify the tool is called "Discover" , where we can find artists, songs and albums based on our history of listening and favorites, there are no recommended playlists, something that if we can find in the section "Explore", where you also have styles and novelties. Also, Spotify knows what day we are and recommends songs to support a hard Monday or to prepare for a night party on Saturdays.

For its part, Apple has in "For you" something similar to "Discover" , although the first time you use it you will have to answer several questions regarding your favorite styles and artists to start your search engine. In "For you" it fits everything: songs, artists, albums, playlists ... in addition, these lists in some cases have been prepared by experts like those of the Rolling Stone magazine. Finally, in Apple Music we can also explore music, lists, video clips, etc.

Both Apple Music and Spotify can check whether we like their recommendations or not to be more accurate next time. A technical draw .


Both Apple and Spotify share the same radio functionality that allows us to choose an artist and create a radio station around him. In addition, with Apple Music you can also choose an album or a song for the algorithm of the platform to create a radio.

Apple Music has its own radio that broadcasts music 24 hours a day , 7 days a week and 365 days a year called Beats1. This radio has three locations around the world and is led by DJs Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden and Julie Adenuga. So wherever you are, the music will be the same on the radio.

Obviously you will not always listen to music that you like. The apple takes another point for the detail .

Apple Music integrates a feature called "Connect" where artists can upload photos, videos and interact with their fans . Unfortunately, we can not create our own posts, so it does not look too much like Facebook or Twitter.

In Spotify this does not exist, but you can synchronize your account with Facebook and see what your friends have been listening to, with the convenience that you do not need more social networks because everyone already has Facebook.


If you have iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Music comes installed by default. If you have a Windows PC, you will have to install iTunes in order to enjoy Apple's streaming music service.

Although there is a free version of Apple Music, its functions are quite limited, in fact you can only access certain features of "Connect", listen to the radio of Beats1 and Apple Music stations by skipping some songs. And in the free section, Spotify wins Apple Music win .

Of course, while Apple Music offers 3 months for the face, the trial version of Spotify is "only" two months.

That you do not want to spend a euro? For Spotify there is no problem, as long as you swallow the publicity and assume that you can only skip some songs. But you can choose and create your playlists, or those of others.

In both cases, if you want to enjoy all the functions and the best audio quality, you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month .

Both Spotify and Apple Music have discounts in certain cases: if you are a student, for a family, etc.
Students Individual Family
Apple Music 4.99 euros 9.99 euros 14.99 euros
Spotify 4.99 euros 9.99 euros 14.99 euros

Audio quality

The audio quality of Apple Music is 256kbps, whether you are a premium user or you use it for free. This has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to Spotify , and that Spotify premium users enjoy 320kbps, but only 160kbps if you do not pay.

Another important difference is that Apple Music supports AAC while the Spotify tracks are in MP3 format, and in general the quality of AAC at 256Kbps is better. Also the Mp3 files are bigger, so they lose more information and consume more megabytes. Here we have it clear: win Apple Music.

While there is a Spotify app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone and Android, if you opt for Apple Music you will not be able to install the app on an Android device until the end of 2018. So either you have the entire Apple ecosystem, or not You can enjoy Apple Music in full. And be careful, because Apple Music does not have an app for Apple TV at the moment. Overwhelming victory of Spotify .


The decision will always be your thing, but we recommend that if you plan to pay monthly for streaming music and you are a lover of the apple, give an opportunity to the trial version of Apple Music before making a decision. After all, it's three months free and then they cost practically the same.

Its huge library, the quality of its audio, the integration with Siri and the section of Conecta that allows you to interact with your favorite artists are your biggest assets before a Spotify mainstream that makes it easy to be compatible with everything. On your debit, do not count more quality audio options.

On the contrary, if you are clear that you are not going to pay for this service, do not even think about it, Spotify today is the best option. Also, you can not import lists from one place to another. 

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