Do you want an app that suits you? Use Tailor and do not lose any detail -


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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Do you want an app that suits you? Use Tailor and do not lose any detail

The application that we propose this week works as an accurate tailor, hence its name. But it is not a fashion app, pattern design or anything similar. We talk about it because it is able to help you perform a tedious task and that will undoubtedly facilitate the reading of your messaging conversations .

And for that, we're going to put ourselves in a situation. You have to send a friend or several known screenshots of a WhatsApp or Telegram conversation . The trouble is that this conversation is quite long and you want to send it to that person.

What do we all do? So get to make screenshots as possessed and send them to your colleague. So he finds out more or less about what happened. And that's where Tailor comes in, a simple app that unites all those screen captures with precision , orders them and converts them into one. Incredible, is not it?

The result is a photo format file that is easy to read, preventing you from having to switch between the different screenshots taken. The application does not have more, because it does not need it either. Simply make the screenshots, open the application and, voila! all perfectly ordered and converted into one . And you can use it in chats as well as in websites or threads of Facebook or Twitter.

You can find it for free in the App Store , we leave you below the download button. As a good self-respecting application, you can remove the ads for 3.49 euros . And to tell the truth, the ads do not bother much because they occupy the bottom of the screen and are not too invasive.

The truth is that for that price and if you want the comfort of avoiding cumbersome screenshots , do not hesitate, it is a great app that always come handy. Do you dare to try it? If you do, do not hesitate to leave comments with your impressions. 

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