Europe, against Apple for buying Shazam and tending to monopoly -


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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Europe, against Apple for buying Shazam and tending to monopoly

At the end of 2017, Apple announced the acquisition of Shazam , the music recognition service platform. However, this acquisition by the company of the bitten apple has not been seen with good eyes from the European Commission.

The European Commission is a group that advocates for the rights and interests of the European Union, and this time it will examine and analyze Apple's acquisition of Shazam . There have been many countries, including Austria, France, Iceland and Spain, which have asked the European Commission to examine the acquisition to determine if it should be allowed under European laws.

Basically, what these countries want is to know how big is the threat of Apple to acquire Shazam with respect to local competitors.

Apple and its acquisition of Shazam will be examined by the European Commission

From now on, Apple must request that the European Commission accept the agreement between Shazam and the apple company bitten. The European Commission could do it with or without additional conditions. But they also have the power to open an investigation if they have concerns about the subject.

Apple acquired Shazam in December last year for an amount unknown publicly, although it is rumored that the deal may be around 400 million US dollars . We have not yet seen what plans the company of the bitten apple may have in mind, but they will surely incorporate the services of Shazam into its Apple Music streaming music platform.

The official application of Shazam, for its part, is still present in the App Store. But in case the company of Cupertino withdraws it, Spotify would remain without referents. Both Spotify and Apple Music get together a million clicks a day with Shazam . And this is one of the reasons for the concern of the European Commission.

Source | The Verge 

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