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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Everything you can do with your HomePod, in your user guide

The new addition to Apple's product line arrived yesterday at stores in some of the main countries in which Apple is. The HomePod, the company's first intelligent loudspeaker specially designed to offer a unique experience in terms of sound quality, is already available in markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia for a suggested retail price of about $ 349. in its American version.

This new loudspeaker represents an important jump in quality compared to the competitors that exist in the same category of product, leaving in the background the section of intelligent functions, which are served by our beloved Siri. In any case, and thanks to the analyzes that we have been able to see these last days, we can make the idea that it is a sound system that complies with what it promises.

However, although you have seen it in many videos or articles, we are sure that many of you are still not clear about its function, for this reason, and to help those who have already bought it, Apple has published a complete user guide that you can consult from here . From the link that we have left you, you can see in depth all the functions and features that this new product has.

Unfortunately for many of us, we will have to wait a little longer to get one, bearing in mind that in the spring only Germany and France will be added to the list of compatible countries, while Spanish speakers do not have a specific launch date. At least, we have the certainty that when it arrives it will have been refined and will be ready to be squeezed to the maximum.

And you, will you do with a HomePod? 

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