Experts say: HomePod was not tested enough by Apple -


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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Experts say: HomePod was not tested enough by Apple

The intelligent speaker of Apple does not stop to give us news, either by the quality of its audio, by the scarce availability worldwide (only 3 countries) or because it stains the furniture . This last reason is the one that gives rise to a fact, and it is that it seems that the HomePod was not tested enough by the Californians .

When the loudspeaker is on a wooden surface without any protection, the silicone ring of the base that provides cushioning leaves a white frame on the furniture, and may eventually ruin it . From the company they remove iron to the subject: " It is not unusual for any speaker with a base of silicone of damping of vibrations to leave slight marks when it is placed on some surfaces of wood ".

An industrial designer with a lot of experience in the field of electronic components manufacturing has raised his voice to Apple by not having sufficiently tested this type of base , since silicone is common to cause these marks. In addition, the final destination of a smart speaker will probably be a wooden cabinet.

This expert assures that the problem has easy solution on the part of those of Cupertino, to use a type of different elastomer that is much cleaner . But of course, this base would be ready for the next evolution of the loudspeaker , and says a lot about the poor verification process used by the brand at the time of putting it on sale.

At the moment, and waiting for this device to reach our country, this problem has an easy and cheap solution: you can use an old CD to avoid the marks , or the typical crochet rug of the grandmother. Jokes aside, do you think that Apple neglects its quality processes?

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