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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Facebook launches a dangerous protection app for iPhone

 Network security is an issue that is often not taken seriously by the users themselves . Not only in the case, for example, of publishing photographs of children in social networks without any shame, but by the monitoring that companies do to us to track our habits.

In many occasions we have had VPN applications, which are a great resource to protect our data traffic, and which consists in the creation of a virtual private network that makes our internet browsing much safer . There are hundreds of VPN programs in the App Store.

And Facebook, the giant of social networks, has launched its own VPN service called Protect . The problem comes with something very ambiguous, Facebook uses the service to collect data from its users . And for the good functioning of the service, it analyzes this information with the objective of " improving Facebook's products and services ". In other words, the wolf disguised as a lamb .

The service offered by the blue giant links to the app Onavo, an old acquaintance of those who use the VPN and which was acquired by Zuckerberg 5 years ago and that apart from "protect", collects your data with the mission of ... we already know.

So if you use the Facebook application on your device, yes, the Protect service is available in Spain within the same application, weigh if it is absolutely necessary for your privacy, because it is probably best to use Facebook from Safari and protect yourself with a good external VPN , where you do not put your data in the hands of Zuckerberg. In addition to this, because the social network app is heavy and consumes many resources , more than you imagine.

Via | idropnews 

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