First explosion of some AirPods: Apple would be investigating the case -


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Saturday, 10 February 2018

First explosion of some AirPods: Apple would be investigating the case

Recently, we have been talking at length about the multiple explosions of iPhone batteries in different Apple Stores and stores. First, one of them exploded and caused an evacuation in Zurich, Switzerland.

Soon after, in China, a consumer bit an iPhone to check if it was fake and his battery started to burn. But these have not been the only cases in which an Apple mobile device has exploded.

Very recently, on January 10, another iPhone burst into flames in an Apple Store in Valencia. And, a couple of days ago (February 2), a new iPhone came back to explode in Hong Kong .

But, now, it has been discovered that AirPods can also explode. A man from Florida (United States) was listening to music in the gym when, suddenly, his AirPods began to smoke ...

Apple investigates the case of an explosion of AirPods

Jason Colon, a resident of Tampa, was working out at a local gym and when he noticed that one of his AirPods was giving off a lot of smoke he quickly removed them and left them on a gym machine before seeking help.

He wanted to emphasize that he was glad he could take off the AirPods when they were fuming, before they finally exploded . Otherwise, your ear could have suffered a lot of damage.

    "I did not see it happen, but it was already fried! You can see damage by flames. I do not know what could have happened to my ear. But I'm sure my lobe would have burned. "

A representative of Apple has commented that the company is investigating the case and will speak with Jason Colon to know all the details about the explosion of these AirPods in Florida. It is not the first Apple device that goes into flames, and probably will not be the last.

Source | 9to5mac 

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