From hatred to love there is a step and in Android they show it -


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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

From hatred to love there is a step and in Android they show it

As usual, year after year, there are many Android smartphone manufacturing companies that copy the design of the iPhone . In this case, the iPhone X. And it's funny, because its design has been criticized.

Apple decided to implement a large OLED screen that covers the entire front of the iPhone X , but integrated a very unattractive top frame for its TrueDepth camera. A very strange design that likes some and dislikes others (among which I include myself).

Now, despite all the controversy, many Android companies are copying the design of the iPhone X. As for example in the case of the Goophone , a device almost identical to the smartphone next-gen of the signature of the bitten apple.

Noa N10: a new copy of the iPhone X

The fact that an Android smartphone plagiarizes the design of an iPhone is nothing new, of course not, but this time it has added a small component to the equation that makes the situation even more fun: the "notch" of These Android smartphones, in many cases, is useless .

In the iPhone X, Apple uses its "notch" (or upper frame) to incorporate very important elements of the hardware of your iPhone X as the speaker, proximity sensors, front camera, face recognition sensors ...

Mobile phones like the Noa N10, the Oukitel U18 or the Leagoo do not have these expensive hardware components . But they do have the controversial "notch".

In the video that we have included here above you will see a new smartphone called Noa N10. His "notch" has a camera, a speaker and a pair of sensors . The really funny thing is that since Noa they have not wanted to adapt their design to the Android software to accommodate the corners of the screen. Watch the video and you will see how until the time is cut due to this design. Oops!

Via | BGR 

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