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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Get stuck in the toilet for trying to rescue your iPhone 8

What would become of us without our cell phone when we are in the bathroom? What times those in which we had to entertain reading the instructions of the shampoo or even worse, counting the drops stuck in the mirror. With the iPhone in our hands an infinite range of possibilities opens up: games, social networks, checking the mail, conversations on WhatsApp ... and without realizing it, you have 20 minutes on the toilet!

But friend, sometimes accidents happen. Let them tell Tan, a Chinese man who was with his friends in the cafeteria of a hotel. Suddenly he felt like going to the bathroom, so provided with his beloved iPhone 8 went to the toilets of gentlemen .

Like all of us, Tan took out his iPhone 8 and set out to enjoy a few moments of intimacy. Unfortunately you do not really know how, at one point your iPhone fell through the toilet . Yes, the iPhone 8 is moderately resistant to water, but falling to the bottom of a toilet that is being used does not need to tell you that it is not ideal for good maintenance. Pretty brown!
Not without my iPhone 8

So he did not think twice and put his hand in the toilet . I could not find it, so I kept pushing and digging. I do not know how the toilets are in China, but here if you drop a mobile you see it easy. Maybe I would pull a chain before, I do not know, it is not detailed in the source.

After much pushing, he discovered that his arm was stuck in the toilet. What a disagreeable moment! It happened the worst thing that could have happened: no iPhone and with his arm stuck in the toilet .

Obviously Tan was dying of shame , so he tried to free himself by all means without shouting, which was enough disgust on him to attract attention. After half an hour he began to scream in despair and a receptionist came to his aid.

As he was stuck, the receptionist called the ER and in a few minutes there was an ambulance and the firemen, who dismantled the latrine to free Tang. In addition to the pride and the iPhone 8, Tan did not become more than a bruise, scratches and be the cover of the news of the night .

Via | Global Times 

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