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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Goodbye Gorilla Glass: the screens of the iPhone will be diamond

The manufacturing materials of a smartphone, and not exclusively in the case of the iPhone, are specially designed to resist any shock, scratch or fall. However, it is surprisingly easy to cause damage to the screen of a terminal if a good quality case is not used.

In fact, a survey carried out by Motorola in which a total of 6,000 people participated indicated that 50% of them had damaged the screen of their smartphone on occasion.

Luckily, there is a company working on a solution to this common problem. They are creating a technology that will make broken screens a thing of the past. And it implies the use of diamonds ...

Both Apple and Samsung and other manufacturers of high-end smartphones use Gorilla Glass . This type of screens were used for the first time in 1962, but did not become popular until the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 .

The future of your iPhone screens will go through Miraj Diamond Glass

Currently, Gorilla Glass technology is everywhere. But a company called Akhan is working on something much more spectacular: Miraj Diamond Glass.

This type of crystal, it is said, will be able to convert the screens of smartphones into 6 times more resistant and 10 times harder . On the other hand, in addition, this material will have a greater resistance to water and a more efficient oleophobic layer.

There are laboratories where synthetic diamonds are created, and yes, they are often used in jewelry. But in the future they will serve to create the screen of your iPhone.

Moreover , according to CNET , this company is already testing its diamond screens in a manufacturing facility for smartphones.

It is expected that this technology will be available around 2019 . But it could take longer. In fact, in the beginning the supply will be very limited . Diamonds are not so expensive when they are manufactured in a laboratory ... but they are not cheap either. 

Smartphones that offer this technology on their screens will not be as expensive as this iPhone 7 diamond but its cost could perfectly reach 1,200 euros. Which company will be the first to revolutionize the market? Will it be Samsung ... Apple ...?

Via | Mashable 

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