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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Goodbye to the 3D Touch ... forever?

Apple introduced the 3D Touch functionality in the software of the mobile operating system of the iPhone with the premise that it would be one of the most important characteristics of the history of telephony. However, to this day, very few users take advantage of the advantages it offers.

The 3D Touch function, for anyone who is not familiar with the subject, allows users to press firmly on the screen to access new menus, options and shortcuts . This is possible thanks to sensors integrated under the screen of the iPhone that measure the pressure on it.

In this article we tell you some of the reasons why Apple could remove the 3D Touch functionality of the iPhone during 2018 . That's right, the signature of the bitten apple could abandon this feature when it presents its new 2018 iPhone.

Why would Apple withdraw 3D Touch?

Ming-Chi Kuo, the popular analyst at KGI Securities, thinks that Apple will present three iPhone models during 2018 . The three models will have the same design as the iPhone X but with different screen sizes, technologies, cameras and technical specifications.

Among the three new models of 2018 we could find an iPhone X Plus, an iPhone 9 and a second generation iPhone SE . Of course, nobody knows what nomenclature they will have. But we use these names to facilitate the understanding of their characteristics and design.

In the case of the second generation iPhone SE, it will be a low-cost smartphone at a more affordable price that will have an LCD screen and ... without 3D Touch.

We are talking about a very smart sales strategy on the part of Apple , which we do not forget has already triumphed in the market with the launch of its first generation iPhone SE without 3D Touch.

Over the years, the 3D Touch function has not turned out to be as deep as Apple expected. In fact, many users do not use this technology or feel forced to do so to get used to the habit.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that Apple has also removed other features such as the Touch ID on the iPhone X or the same physical start button.

Source | Mashable 

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