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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Goodbye to iTunes if you have an old computer

The relentless passage of time does not stop making a dent in older equipment, as the years pass the access to new features becomes increasingly complex and difficult for older devices .

And this is what will happen from next May 25 with the first generation Apple TV and computers that use Windows XP or Windows Vista and the possibilities of working with iTunes. What does this mean? That in the case of using one of these computers you can not make downloads or purchases in the iTunes Store , or even re-download previous purchases.

After May 25, you will have to use Windows 7 or later with the latest version of iTunes to make purchases in the iTunes store and you can then download the purchases you have already made.

This policy will also affect first-generation Apple TVs, which are already considered obsolete by the manufacturer. So if you want to make purchases in iTunes, you must use at least a second generation device . You will obviously be able to continue using them, but you will not even receive any type of support from Cupertino.

And is that Apple TV has already turned 11, which is not little. A device that has received its last revision in this past 2017. The Apple TV 4K, which is the name it receives, is compatible with both 4K and HDR . The definition, sharpness and warmth of the image make it a perfect multimedia complement, which, together with the variety of content offered by iTunes, makes it possible for everyone to have a complete world of audiovisual experiences.

And it is that the Apple TV 4K mounts the same chip as one of the spearheads of the company, the iPad Pro , which has such a good result. Never a magic box had given so much of itself.

Do you have one of these devices in use? Mark May 25 as the date for a possible change.

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