Google hires 2,000 employees of HTC with a mission: to be inspired by the iPhone -


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Friday, 2 February 2018

Google hires 2,000 employees of HTC with a mission: to be inspired by the iPhone

Google has taken a good knock this year with the launch of its two most recent terminals , Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2XL . Some good devices that have managed to unify critics and consumers for their characteristics.

And is that much of that success is due to the 2000 engineers that Alphabet, the parent of Google, was brought from HTC. And what if they have managed to produce well finished products that cause a sensation . Not only for its construction and design, but because these terminals, those of Google, always operate with the latest version of Android. Suspiciously similar to what they do at Apple.

And is that despite the division of opinions that has caused iOS 11, batterygate in between, the operating system of Cupertino has managed to bring fresh things that we needed (for example, the screen recording).

And that seems to be the goal of Google, to have terminals that resemble those of Apple, not physically, but in terms of the control that the latter have with respect to their operating system, and in addition to that to be able to manufacture their own chips . Because the Pixel 3 could have, even from Qualcomm manufacturing, the Snapdragon 845 made to measure by Google.

And it is that these 2000 engineers with whom Google now has a mission to develop innovative products and that integrate software and hardware in a precise manner. Rick Osterloh , vice president of hardware at Google, is very clear about it: " Today, we begin to inquire with our new teammates, guided by the mission of creating radically useful experiences for people from all over the world, combining the best of Google's AI, software and hardware . "

You do not lack, and experience is well served with HTC. Will they achieve their objectives? What will they bring to Google in order to become strong?

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