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Monday, 12 February 2018

Google informs you when a flight is delayed

It seems that Google is still in its crusade to expand its functions, far beyond what was that small company founded by Larry Page and Sergéi Brin in 1998. If some time ago there were people who were surprised because Google Maps was able to remember the Where they had parked , now your smartphone will also have the possibility to predict if your flight will suffer a delay .

This new technology will be included in the Google Flights framework, your flight search engine . Before you ask me if it is effective, let me explain what its operation is based on: in this case, the application will show its results based on other previous flights with similar weather conditions.

How does Google Flights work?

That is, if one day it was snowing and there were gusts of winds over 50 kilometers per hour, which is why Iberia suffered delays in a flight between Barcelona and Madrid, it is more likely that this story will be repeated if the same weather conditions occur adverse.

Naturally, this is only a simplified example to the extreme so that we understand in a simple way what this algorithm is about, but this is its essence. Through the records that are collected in its database, the application will gradually become more accurate in its predictions , being able to even warn us of the delay that the company itself.

While it may seem a somewhat peregrine method, the fact is that Google assures us that the effectiveness of this system is around 80% , so we must take it into account as another way to inform us about the possible incidents of our flight, especially when its use is as simple as typing the number of our flight in the application .

Of course, we must bear in mind that the fact that Google Flights warns us that our flight will suffer a delay does not exempt us from arriving at the time indicated at the airport , and we do not know if the weather will change or there will be modifications of the last hour, leaving us on the ground with a span of noses while we see the blur of the wake of our plane.

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