Google joins the love for the notch of the iPhone X -


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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Google joins the love for the notch of the iPhone X

A few months ago, even before the iPhone X was officially presented by Apple, it was commented how little the community liked the appearance of the models that were the final design of the terminal. It was not a matter of the screen finally covering or not the edges, which will continue to disappear , or the start button disappearing, something that also caused considerable controversy, but it was the so-called "notch" that caused that great stir

At that time, we did not even understand why it was so big, since we were used to thinking that it was a space that could only be occupied by the loudspeaker and a front camera. When the presentation revealed that it integrated the TrueDepth sensor, responsible for functions such as Face ID or Animojis, then we began to understand some of the reasons. But we miss the reason why Google wants to welcome these designs.

That's right, from its next big update, which is now known as Android P, Google's mobile operating system will take full advantage of designs that can create from the competition that are similar to the iPhone X , specifically, that integrate the notch from the top. In this way, they believe that the company will manage to convince more users of Apple's operating system to switch to Android.

However, it goes without saying that it does not seem too likely that people will start thinking about moving to the rival platform simply because there are phones that have copied Apple's phone design, however familiar this may be. IPhone users are not simply because of its exterior design, but because of the simplicity it offers us, the attention to detail that the company offers in its services. And this, it will not change for a "notch".

Via | MacRumors 

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