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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Google launches an app capable of competing with iMessage

People who for years have used iPhone or Mac have a great tool in the form of an application, it is the native one called Messages or also known as iMessage. A tool, sometimes underutilized, and that allows all your messages to appear on your Mac as well as on your iPhone or iPad. In addition to a time here is getting a good facelift and implementing new options .

And of course, this is an option that is not available on Android. But it seems that this could be remedied by Google , which does not offer any alternative to the Apple messaging application.

From Google are preparing an application similar to the Cupertino that would try to fill this hole so far nonexistent Android devices. It would be an application that could be installed on any computer , and could even come as an extension in browsers.

The operation would be similar to that of WhatsApp Web desktop, in which you must scan a QR code on your device so you can have it paired and you can communicate through the computer, yes, having it close to it.

The text application would work as RCS, the acronym of Rich Communication Services , which allows sending and receiving photos and documents, as well as reading confirmations from others. On the other hand it is also studied that this application can serve as a means to send and receive payments , as already exists with Apple Pay .

By Google there is still no release date for this application that if you doubt it would help a lot to the communication of Android users on their computers . Will you use this app if you have an Android device? We want to read your comments.

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