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Friday, 2 February 2018

Groups of WhatsApp vs Broadcast Lists, what is better?

The numbers of WhatsApp are simply astronomical : more than 1,000 million users and more than 50,000 messages a day consolidate this messaging app as the most used on the planet. And is that everyone has WhatsApp and uses it for all areas. So much so, that the Facebook group has seen the business potential and launched WhatsApp Enterprises . However, there was already an ideal tool for these efforts: the broadcast lists .

This tool is underutilized simply and simply because many users do not know it and are not clear about the differences with respect to the mythical groups of WhatsApp. Do you want to know how the WhatsApp Groups differ from the Broadcast Lists?

Differences between WhatsApp Groups and Broadcast Lists

Number of users

Both the WhatsApp groups and the broadcast lists have a limit of 256 contacts , that is, exactly the same. A number that may perhaps fall short compared to Telegram, whose top is at 20,000 people.


WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists allow you to share text messages, photos, videos, documents, locations, contacts, audios ... that is, in both you can pass the same files without any problem.

Level of interaction

With the WhatsApp groups, you can communicate with the other members of the group and they can respond to you, giving rise to debates because everyone has the ability to talk to everyone, so there is a great interactivity that sometimes leads to chaos .

The same does not happen with broadcast lists , where the creator of the list can share content to all members, but they will receive the message individually, and this is how they can manage it because the members do not see each other.

This is a great advantage because not everyone can want groups where there are 200 messages, or maybe they do not watch the WhatsApp with the same frequency or simply, they do not live in the same time zone. When groups have many unread messages, members usually do not read them. With the lists this does not happen.


As a consequence of the previous point, even if you have 100 members in a broadcast list, these members do not interact with each other nor do they see data such as phone numbers, states, photos, etc. Everything is much less invasive and intimate, respecting the privacy of all of them.

To give you an idea, it is the same as the option "With a hidden copy" of the emails . You address everyone and you save time, but they see it as an individual chat and proceed in that way.

Rights as administrator

In a group all the members can be administrators , which means that they can put in and expel other members, another very problematic point. With the diffusion lists this does not happen : you create the list and you are the one in charge of adding contacts, that as they are not seen, they do not know that they are on the list and therefore they can not add or remove anyone.

Drop out

As we see in the previous section, in the broadcast lists the members do not know that they belong to it, so they can not leave it . However, in the groups each member is free and independent to unsubscribe at any time.

... but with a restriction

Okay, if you read about the members of a broadcast list can not unsubscribe you can think that the lists are wonderful, especially to send spam . Well no: WhatsApp imposes that the members of a broadcast list have to have you on their agenda , so it's not worth taking a bunch of random phone numbers and assembling a list to advertise your business

That is, you can only make a broadcast list with people that you have in your agenda and that they also have you. If they delete you, you can only communicate with them through individual chats. In addition WhatsApp explicitly details in their conditions of use that can not be used for commercial purposes, only for personal use.

This does not happen in WhatsApp groups , where you can put people you do not have in the agenda or meet with unknown people whose number is in sight.

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