Gucci launches its own Animojis inspired by the iPhone X and are ... terrible -


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Monday, 5 February 2018

Gucci launches its own Animojis inspired by the iPhone X and are ... terrible

What Apple does in society is something like a religion . So, no wonder that when the design of the iPhone X was leaked many people mocked him as Samsung , his greatest rival ... but in a matter of months they end up copying both the design and the notch and the set of sensors that are integrated under East. And this is just a sample.

With the Animoji the same thing happens . Yes, we already know that it is an exclusive function of the iPhone X and that it is superfluous, fun, banal. It's funny. However, in a matter of weeks, apps came out for Android phones to use it or to record our own Animoji karaoke on any other iPhone . Yes, they are nonsense, but first class brands such as Gucci have already joined fashion.

And is that the haute couture brand has just launched its own Animoji on the occasion of the lunar new year . Unlike Apple's standard Animoji, to access the Gucci Animoji we just have to urge the brand's app, which of course has its latest collection of fashion, wallpapers and even filters for your photos.

How are the Animoji of Gucci?

Gucci has prepared two Animoji , specifically two dogs inspired by the Boston Terrier by its creative director, Alessandro Michele. But they are not a mere photo, but have been made following the work of the current collection.

Judge yourself, but although these dogs in reality are sure they are adorable, in the app they seem unable to smile, as angry. I almost got the original Animoji dog from Apple.

Via | The Verge 

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