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Monday, 5 February 2018

Have fun with Run Gun, the sport driven to madness

This week we present a game that is of recent creation and that promises lots of fun times for the concepts it combines, sport and firearms. But do not think that it is a game of house or going killing creatures, it is something quite original.

The protagonist of the game is you logically, but turned into a kind of athlete with a strange beak and a color between pink and violet. Yes, it's quite funny, and it also changes color as you get over the levels. You will have to pass some athletic events in which you will gain momentum due to the firearms that you have attached to your legs, specifically at the height of your twins.

So much so that when you find a fence or an obstacle to overcome you must shoot and take the impulse to help you overcome it . To understand it better, it is interesting that you see the trailer of the video that we put here below.

And is that the game travels the world, specifically Olympic cities such as Athens Barcelona or Atlanta and you will unlock these places as you go passing the tests. In addition to this you have many weapons with which to compete, from a simple gun to a flamethrower through a rifle or a bazooka . Each of them with its characteristics and appropriate to the type of tests that you have to overcome, high jump, hurdle races or long jump among others.

And is that in addition to the different types of obstacles and tests that you are, you have 90 different levels of game with what fun you have guaranteed for quite some time. The game has a simple but effective aesthetic at the same time and the effects are very well achieved, besides that the music accompanies.

If you are looking for a simple game, without too many complications , but at the same time it is fun we recommend you take a look, its download is free although you have some additional purchase within the app. Also to reload the weapons you should see an announcement sometime, but ** it is not a continuous bombardment of them ^^

Run Gun Sports

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