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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

HomePod convinces music experts for sound quality

The tests of the intelligent speaker of Apple, the HomePod, have not been made wait. Much is being talked about him in some negative aspects , his querencia only Apple Music , or the delay with which it has been released.

But there are some people who have wanted to focus on what really matters, in their sound and audio quality, in the end it is what it has been designed for . The results are amazing and perhaps it is the definitive accolade for those people who are leery of investing their money in this device.

And this speaker has been the result of meticulous tests , with detailed results , by a user of Reddit called WinterCharm . So much so that his final conclusions are tremendous.

" I'm speechless. The HomePod actually sounds better than the X300A KEF. If you are new to the audiophile world, KEF is a very respected and much loved company. Actually I have removed my first measurements and rechecked everything, because they were so good and I thought I had made a mistake. Apple has managed to extract the maximum performance from a half-liter speaker, a feat that deserves a standing ovation. "

And is that despite its size, it provides a very adequate sound response, leaving in evidence other devices of much higher price . And is that users may distrust Apple's proposal, the Amazon and Google competition in this field is not easy to beat and Californians need to prove that their speaker is really worth it.

    #Apple #HomePod "... deserves a standing ovation" https://t.co/KHlyQ7cPbL
    - Philip Schiller (@pschiller) February 12, 2018

Are you going to buy it when it's available? Do you think it's as good as they say? We await your comments.

Via | macrumors 

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