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Thursday, 15 February 2018

HomePod stains furniture!

The dwarfs grow in HomePod. While it is true that in general has garnered good reviews , some details make the experience of use is something more bittersweet. Now Apple is facing a really serious problem: HomePod stains wooden furniture .

Apparently the problem is in the silicone ring of the HomePod base. Once we leave the HomePod in the furniture, it ends up leaving a perfect circle that can end up staying there forever , which forces the owners to have two options: the first is to have a vase handy with a circumference equal to or greater than that of the HomePod, so that the mess is not seen. The second is, of course, to sand and varnish the furniture so that the affected part will be as good as new.

Naturally none of the options compensates the users of the HomePod, who have been really displeased after finding these brands of rings there where they left the Apple speaker.

The HomePod can dye your furniture white ... To circles!

This is an obvious design problem, but Apple is not so clear. So much so that his response has been clear and concise . When asked about this problem, the Cupertino responded that:

    It is common for some silicone-based speakers to leave soft marks on tables with finishes including wax or oil.

This is due, according to Apple, to the action of the oil present in the silicone , which ends up penetrating the surface of the table with this type of termination, leaving this striking ring that, more than a small mark , looks like a circle drawn with chalk .

If in itself this is not something permissible under any circumstances, less so when we remember, we are before a speaker that costs a whopping 349 USD .

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