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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How "Hey Siri" works when there are several Apple devices nearby

 Although sometimes Siri can be frustrating, it must be recognized that "Hey Siri" takes us out of a good hurry when we are busy with our hands. However, this functionality is present in the Apple Watch, the iPad, the Mac, HomePod and of course, in the iPhone.

In some way, Siri manages to listen to you and detect the magic words to be put at your disposal . It is not necessary that you shout or talk pointing to the device. But of course, the Apple ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds and we have more and more gadgets with this function inside a room.

Then it is quite normal that at some point we ask ourselves the question: when I say "Hey Siri", how do the devices know what I mean? Here is the answer

How "Hey Siri" works

Hey Siri works thanks to a coprocessor chip that listens continuously through the microphone of the iPhone. He usually discards everything he hears, but when he finds the words that trigger him, he activates his "ears" and pays attention .

But if you have several Apple devices in your home, everyone is listening to you say "Hey Siri". How does Apple solve this question so that it answers only one and that it is appropriate? Apple clarifies this in a support document for its website .

The secret is that all your devices communicate with each other via Bluetooth. So when all the devices hear "Hey Siri", everyone interacts and makes the decision: it will be the one that has listened to you better or has been used more recently the one that responds .

It's an intelligent trick, but it's not infallible. And is that if you want to make sure that a specific device is the one that responds to you when you say Hey Siri, just grab it in your hands and say "Hey Siri" . Of course, for that you could use the button to activate it manually.

How to make a device stop responding to Oye Siri

But if you want one of your devices to stop acting in front of "Hey Siri" temporarily, the best thing you can do is turn it upside down . This intuitive gesture will avoid your answer and obviously makes sense for the iPhone or the iPad.

And if what you want is that the HomePod or the Mac stop responding, you can either deactivate it from the settings section or simply say "Hey Siri, deactivate Hey Siri" .

However, make sure before all your Apple devices are updated , otherwise several gadgets at once could respond by not having the latest improvements developed.

None of this makes Siri more intelligent , but at least you know what is hidden behind the magic words and you can better control this process . 

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