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Sunday, 18 February 2018

How long can a chat between HomePod, Google Home and Amazon Echo last?

Since Siri was presented it became the favorite object of our trolleys and thus, we have seen absolutely everything: from saying a combination of random numbers and responding unexpectedly until it surprised the Bulgarians when they asked for their national anthem . As the virtual assistant of the bitten apple has been growing in popularity and implanted in other devices; other giants like Amazon, Samsung or Google have launched their respective virtual assistants.

In the heat of 2018 the battle has moved to the smart loudspeakers and, although Apple has presented later that the rest its candidacy with its HomePod , it promises to give much war to the line of Google (that will integrate its virtual assistant in other manufacturers) and Amazon . In fact, Google Home was a pioneer in this field, that's why when Amazon Echo went out to the market, more than one of them uploaded videos to the internet, maintaining absurd conversations that tended to infinity ... up to 48 hours!

Here we leave the test, but in short version.

HomePod, Google Home and Amazon Echo star in the most absurd conversation in history

But now there are three candidates in the market, HomePod, Google Home and Amazon Echo, so the talks promise to be even more absurd and long , if that is possible. The idea has emerged from CNET , which has uploaded the entire experiment to YouTube.

Everything starts simply by creating an alert in the calendar and a reminder in the three devices and that they consult each other. We know that Siri is the least intelligent of the three , will HomePod be in a bad place in this debate?

As you can see in the video, the whole experiment lasts 4 hours and 27 minutes , simply because they decided to cut it before they left marks on the furniture - hehe -.

Of course, if as I am unable to endure this absurd talk, from 9to5Mac have been commissioned to make an assessment of all of them: Siri fails twice, Alexa three and Google Assisant is the most accurate with only one error. Not bad for an infinite loop . 

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