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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How many megabytes does Spotify and YouTube spend on your iPhone?

Spotify and YouTube are two platforms that take the lead in their sector. However, not all of us have an unlimited data plan , and sometimes getting to the end of the month with megabytes on our device becomes an odyssey.

If you want to know how many megabytes Spotify and YouTube spend on your iPhone, today we bring you an article in which we explain everything with numbers and signs. Keep reading!

How many megabytes Spotify spends 

Spotify is probably the best-known streaming music service in the world, although its throne is in danger according to the latest figures released by Apple Music . However, not everyone who uses it has a lot of megs in their data plan, so this information could be very helpful.

Spotify currently consumes the following amounts depending on which option you have activated:

    Normal quality: The quality service 96 kbps would spend around 43MB per hour of reproduction, a low enough number to enjoy your music at specific moments.
    High quality: In the high quality, which translates into 160 kbps, we find that it consumes about 72MB every hour.
    Extreme quality: In this last quality, which rises up to 320 kbps, we can find that Spotify consumes up to 144MB per hour. That is, double the high quality.

As you can see, Spotify does not consume too much data of our plan , but only if you know how to use it in moderation. If you are a user who likes to listen to music all day, you will have to think about increasing your data plan or activate the Spotify Premium subscription that allows us to save the songs on our iPhone to listen to them without connection wherever we want.
How many megabytes does YouTube spend?

Unlike Spotify, YouTube spends significantly more megabytes per minute. But of course, this is understandable, since this service not only offers us audio, but also video in different qualities - if you want to use YouTube as a music player on your iPhone, here we have a tutorial -.

  •     Low quality: if we adjust the video to reproduce in low quality, we will obtain a consumption of about 300MB per hour. In this section we find the videos in 240p and 320p.
  •     Average quality: despite not finding much difference with low quality, playing a 480p video on YouTube we could consume up to 700MB per hour.
  •     HD quality: in the HD section we will find videos from 720p to 2K. Therefore, a 720p video would consume an approximate 900MB per hour, a 1080p video would take 1.5GB per hour, and a 2K video would consume around 3GB per hour.
  •     UHD quality: this is where things start to get out of control. If we want to watch a video in 4K resolution, YouTube could devour up to 7.2GB per hour, a bestial number if we compare it with the data plan of the average user. 

If you want to watch videos on YouTube, it's best to wait until you get home and connect to your trusted Wi-Fi network. The low and intermediate qualities do not consume too much data, so they are nothing to worry about, but from the HD quality we can find a great leap to the level of consumption , being the cherry of the cake the UHD quality, capable of devouring the double of the average user's data plan in less than an hour.

It must be clear that all these data are estimates , so that no result is conclusive. The consumption of data will also depend on the compression, quality and duration of the videos, so the final result may vary a bit.

YouTube is made to be mostly in the comfort of our home while we relax with a cup of coffee, while Spotify offers us its Premium service so we can listen to the music we want wherever we want.

Do you use these applications a lot with your data plan? Leave us your answer in the comments! 

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