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Monday, 19 February 2018

How to add ringtones to your iPhone (2018)

Tired of hearing Apple's famous ringtone? Normal. Although our iPhones are not a majority in the Spanish market, the truth is that there are many people who have decided to share the same terminal model, which translates into an annoyance when we have the same ringtone as other users. iPhone in the same room. How to solve this? As simple as customizing your ringtone!

The moment arrives, you decide to change the tone and ... Oh, surprise! How is it done? Changing your ringtone could already be done before, but since the iTunes update to 12.7 and the news that comes with iOS 11 has changed the way you do it , so this is the right way to add your ringtones to the iPhone in 2018.

How to change the iPhone ringtone: 4 steps

You will need to:

  •     iTunes updated as of version 12.7.
  •     An iPhone with iOS 11 or higher.
  •     A song that is not protected. 

First step: Cut out your favorite song

To start, we have to go to iTunes (the track can not be in an external application ) and create a trimmed AAC version of the song that we want the tone. The duration should not be much higher than 30 seconds, because after all it is the maximum that a mobile phone is usually ringing. For this we must select the chosen theme and, with the right click, follow the path 'information of the song> options.

Once there, we must put the minute and second of start and end to select what will be our ringtone. In my case, it will be from the beginning until the second 39 .

Now that we have the selected seconds, while we have selected the song we should go to 'Files'> 'Convert' and 'Create AAC Version'. As long as the song is not protected (cases like Spotify or Apple Music) iTunes will directly create a cropped copy of the part we have chosen.

Second step: Modify the cutout format 

Once we have our AAC clipping of our song, we must change the format. How? Very simple: As simple as changing the name. For this we must go to the address where our file is located, and once there modify the extension from .m4a to .m4r

When you have done this you can delete the file from your iTunes library (but do not send the file to the trash!).

Third step: Import your new tone to iTunes 

In this step we must go back to iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer. Within 'Devices' you will find the 'Tones' tab. That's where we have to paste our new m4r extension file. We will not have to synchronize the library to be reflected in our iPhone.

Step four: Change the ringtone 

Now it's time to go to our iPhone. We must go to 'Settings', and once there go down to find 'Sounds and vibrations'. We will quickly find the 'Ring Tone' tab, where, indeed, our tone will be, ready to make a difference each time you call us. We will only have to select it and we will access the preview of it, selecting it as our current ringtone.

So now we have no excuse to not customize our sounds, unless, of course, you always carry your phone silently (as a server). 

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