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Thursday, 22 February 2018

How to backup and transfer your iPhone messages

On more than one occasion I have found people really worried about losing the messages they have on their iPhone , either because they have personal value, importance at work ... Regardless of the reason, today we bring you three different solutions. Do not suffer anymore, your messages are safe!

To make this a simple task with any operating system we bring you three different options :

Backup in iCloud

Probably the simplest and best known form ; thanks to the iCloud service on Apple we will not have to download any third-party program, just synchronize our iPhone.

Through this backup we can literally restore an iPhone as if it were exactly ours. This naturally includes our text messages. That is, that this method is ideal when we just bought a terminal, or have given us a refurbished.

As a matter of fact, it should be noted that when restoring the backup we will lose all data that has not been previously saved, since we will be restoring a much larger backup. Here you can read what exactly it stores.

To make a backup using iCloud, we will have to have the phone connected via Wi-Fi and in addition, it must be charging.

1) We must go to Settings ,> iCloud ,> Backup . In versions prior to iOS 11 it is possible that before finding this tab we should go through "Storage".
2) We will have to activate the Copy switch in iCloud, and once this is done we have to give it a "Back up now". This process can take some time , according to the files that we have decided to include in our copy (photographs, videos, contacts ...).
3) Now we have to go to the iPhone where we want to dump the data. If it is the first time we turn it on, during the configuration we will be asked if we want to restore the backup that we have stored in iCloud. If we have previously configured the iPhone, we must restore the iPhone ( Settings ,> General ,> Reset ) to proceed with the steps discussed above.

Once we have followed all these steps, our iPhone will now show all the messages, contacts ... along with the information that we have decided to synchronize in iCloud. What is simple?

Save messages on Mac using PhoneView

If the iCloud method does not convince us and we are Mac users, we will have to download an external developer program to be able to keep our data safe.

For the Mac option, we will use an application called PhoneView. This program is freemium , so we can use it - in a limited way - without having to make any expense. Although it is in English, it does not use technical language and is really intuitive.

To make a backup of our messages with PhoneView we must follow these steps:

1) Install PhoneView .
2) We connect our iPhone to our Mac.
3) Open the app. You will ask us for permission to access our contacts.
4) In the alert window, we must click on Archive.
5) Messages will be in Messages (left side bar). We must click and wait for the messages to load . This will take a few minutes.
6) In the application we will see differentiated two points: on the one hand, the names of the contacts with whom we have messages, and on the other, the text messages. We click on the conversation that interests us.
7) To save the conversation in PDF format we just have to drag it to our desktop . 8) If we want to save all the messages, we will click on "All" and go to "Copy from iPhone". We must choose a location and save them there.

There are different formats in which PhoneView saves the files, depending on our particular needs. Unfortunately, once we have deleted these messages from the iPhone, these can not be returned to the iPhone, so we will have to use a compatible application to transfer them again based on the format we have chosen when removing them (always assuming that we also delete them from our device ).

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Save messages on PC using CopyTrans

As it would happen on Mac, we will need a third-party program to be able to perform this task. Because it is free and its simple user interface, we will use Copytrans .

To perform the backup of our messages with this program, we must follow these instructions :

1) We install CopyTrans.
2) We allow the access of the computer to our terminal (button 'Trust this device').
3) We wait for you to upload the messages. This may take a few minutes .
4) Once loaded, we will find our contacts on the left side of the application. We select the conversations that interest us and press 'Export'.
5) Depending on the type of file selected at the time of saving, it will open the corresponding application. Once this is done, we save the document .

And that's it! It is as simple as this. As we can see, we have several ways of saving for all major operating systems, even through iCloud we will not have to touch our computer at all.

Via | Macworld 

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