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Saturday, 17 February 2018

How to clean the cache of your iPhone and iPad and go faster

The iPhone and iPad may be optimized to guarantee a smooth and friendly experience, but even so, iOS slows down when it loads too many files, websites and programs .

Therefore, a good idea to speed up again is to clean the cache , a measure that you should do from time to time as another that also gives great results: clean the RAM of your iPhone and iPad .

In computer science, the cache memory is the memory of fast access of a processor, which temporarily saves the recent data of the processed ones so that we can recover them more quickly. Of course, if you store a lot of information, everything will start to slow down .

These periodic cleanings improve the performance of our device , something vital if it is an iPhone or iPad with a few years. We insist, although iOS is optimized and manages our resources perfectly, it never hurts to perform some maintenance.

Clear the Safari cache

We will start by clearing the Safari cache , our default browser. The consequence of clearing the cache in safari is that if for example you were inside your Facebook or Amazon account, you will leave and you will have to access again.

You just have to follow these steps:

1) Go to Settings > Safari and enter.

2) Slide the screen down and click on Clear history and website data
Delete the data from the apps

But the apps on your iPhone also leave junk data on our device that we can clean. You will be surprised to know how much. Proceed as follows:

1) Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage

2) At the bottom of the screen you will see all the apps you have installed, ordered by the amount of space they occupy.

3) Click on a particular app and you will see, in a disaggregated way, what the application itself occupies and, apart from that, its usage data.

4) A general orientation: if the documents and data occupy more than 500MB, we recommend that you select Remove app and confirm the action.

5) Now you just have to reinstall the app from the App Store to enjoy it again. Remember that if it was paid, the App Store takes it into account and you do not have to pay twice.
Restart your iPhone or iPad

We are already with the usual chant! You are right. We have the bad habit of never shutting down our devices, reducing their useful life and lowering their performance. As we said in the presentation, iOS is designed to manage memory efficiently without maintenance, it is only a matter of restarting from time to time so that some data is cleaned .

Do not need to tell you where the button to turn your iPhone is, right? In any case, remember that there is another way to turn off your device without touching the button .

Download a cleaning app

I'm not going to cheat you: these apps basically do everything we mentioned before automatically , which can be very comfortable if you do not adjust with the Settings section or you're a bit lazy.

There are payment apps that you can install on your computer and when you connect your iPhone or iPad, they will act by erasing the trash. However, there are also some interesting apps like this tool that makes almost magic releasing a lot of space on your device . 

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