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Sunday, 4 February 2018

How to create strong passwords (and never forget them)

Keeping all the passwords that we create in our memory is a complicated job , and even more so when it comes to secure passwords, which usually require a greater amount of strange characters.

If you are prone to create weak and unsafe passwords, such as a server, here are several applications that will help you improve this important aspect. Also, you can save them all in them , so you'll never forget them.

How important is a strong password 

A strong and secure password is composed not only by letters and numbers, but also by special characters. If you want to have a high security key, make sure you do not use names or locations of any kind, nor dates of birth. The more random it seems, the better and safer it will be.

Although before this was a process that you had to figure out for yourself, now applications to manage passwords help you. If you want a pretty secure key you can check out the apps that we're going to leave here, which will help you store your passwords and also create quite complex ones.

What makes these passwords stronger 

One of the things that help make these passwords almost indestructible is that they are not governed by any kind of pattern . There are no names, there are no locations, there are no dates, there is nothing that can link them to you personally, therefore they are very difficult to decipher.

Many attacks to the platforms and services to which we are subscribed are made following a Rainbow Table -a Rainbow Table in Spanish-. This table specifies many passwords that are often used by users, and if by chance yours appears there, you will see many problems .

Therefore, the more random and complex the password, the more difficult it is to decipher. It is not the same to try to guess the name of a site linked to a few numbers -for example: "Sanfrancisco123" -, to a password that intersperses different types of alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters -for example: "safre & 4w8uGA" -.

Recommended applications 

If you want to start improving the security of all your accounts, or at least the majority, here is a list of applications that will help you create and store all the passwords that you select for each of the services to which you are registered. .


This was one of the best App Store apps according to the Editor's Choice, in addition to taking the Best Application award on the Android Google Play. With Dashlane we will have the possibility to create unique passwords and also save them in the application itself for the self-filling function of web pages.

However, if you want these to be synchronized in the other terminals that have this app installed, you will have to pay the amount of $ 40 per year.


In addition to generating and storing the passwords that we create, in 1Password we can also store important information such as our credit card or address to take advantage of the self-filled information that browsers offer us today.

However, although this application offers much more than the competition, it is a little more expensive than usual , standing at 48 dollars per year for standard accounts and 144 dollars per year for Premium accounts. We do not have a free option, but we do have a 30-day trial.


Although this application does practically the same as the previous two, it offers an emergency function that will allow access to our data to family and friends we select, in case of death or for whatever reason.

The subscription to this service has a cost of 24 dollars per year , or 48 dollars per year in case of wanting to subscribe to family service, in which we can put up to 6 members.

ICloud keychain

A few days ago we made an article in which we showed how to activate and use the iCloud Keychain . If you have not read it yet, you should do it, since the iCloud Keychain synchronizes your passwords and users with all the devices that are associated with your iCloud account, so you do not have to write them again.

In addition, this Apple system offers us very secure passwords every time we create an account from the Apple ecosystem devices. Super useful, and the best thing is that you do not have to download anything. 

That's all for today. Remember that having a secure password is something that is becoming more important every day, so be sure to update correctly all of the services you are subscribed to.

Do you usually choose simple passwords? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | iDrop News 

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