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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to deactivate "Do not disturb while driving"

With the release of iOS 11 , Apple introduced a useful feature for users who use their iPhone while driving.

The function we are talking about is "Do not disturb driving". This feature allows users to mute notifications automatically , it even offers the possibility to send a reply message mentioning that you are not available at this time.

Previously, Apple had already implemented CarPlay , an operating system for vehicles. But with the new "Do not disturb the steering wheel" function , safety is improved while driving. It will even save more than one life!

The problem with this function is that it takes so much into account the safety of citizens that people tend to deactivate it completely . In this article we explain how to do it.

How to manually disable "Do not disturb while driving"

When iOS thinks you're driving active "Do not disturb the steering wheel" and a message appears on the screen. The notification is persistent, using Raise to Wake to turn on the screen will show that it is always present.

To deactivate the function manually, press on that notification , then press "I'm not driving". This will be deactivated.
Change activation settings

If you do not want iOS to confuse you when you're driving and when you do not, you can adjust the activation settings.

1. Open the Settings app and select "Do not disturb while driving" .

2. Next, press on the activation menu. 

In this section you will find three options. But the second option is specially designed for users who connect their iPhone to the car via Bluetooth . You can choose "Manually" or "Automatically".

The truth is that the function "Do not disturb when driving" is really useful when it comes to automatically answering messages to your friends and family so they know you can not talk at this time. But it has certain limitations that can make it a counterproductive benefit.

Via | MacWorld 

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