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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How to download apps safely on your iPhone

One of the keys by which the iOS environment is much more secure than Android is the App Store , however iPhone and iPad users are not 100% sure . And there are always threats that put in check the security and privacy of our device.

Sometimes we do not realize the huge amount of personal information we have stored in our phone : name, personal photos, addresses, bank accounts, passwords, contacts of family and friends, our routes ... even our ideology. Everything fits in that small device and is susceptible to being stolen.

Next, we want to give you a series of tips to avoid dislikes in an environment where we can increasingly find social engineering tactics and malicious software to try to minimize that risk.

Download always from the App Store

It may seem obvious, but it is not. Apple watches over our security with hard filters to prevent the entry of potentially dangerous apps , which violate intellectual property or that are deceptive ... and even then, from time to time they escape some.

However, on the internet there is no type of screen. Especially distrust those who promise to download paid apps or premium features for free and are not in the App Store. In general, they are a hook so you can not resist and install it on your device.

And if you do not have an iOS device, the same: always download from the Play Store or from Amazon .

Read its description before downloading: developer, comments and stars

When we search for a specific app, we usually find a list of related apps that look similar. It is important that you read carefully before downloading and look for the official developer, because it is the only one that ensures that you are downloading the app you are looking for.

The same can be said for the number of downloads : the more downloaded it has been, it usually means that it is a contrasted app. It is not an infallible method, although they have been able to bite 2 million people, but you can be sure that if there is a problem, any of them will give the alarm quickly.

Also, if there are failures, it is likely that developers try to solve it because their app is profitable and has a user base that will claim.

So before downloading, better take a look also in the comments and assessment of users to make sure that it is the app that we seek and that satisfies its users.

Read the permissions when you install

Although you can always modify them in the Settings , the best time to configure them properly is during the installation . We have the bad habit of saying "yes" to everything to install it as soon as possible.

Among the permissions that an app can ask you for are : Calendar, Contacts, Camera, Call data Browsing history and Bookmarks, Microphone, SMS, Body sensors, Phone or Location.

Read everything you ask (without leaving small print) and assess whether it is worth it. And it is that it does make sense that an app like WhatsApp asks you to access your contacts or photos - to be able to exchange messages with them - but maybe a game does not make sense.

Among the options that can offer you is to access them always or only when you use the application , something that is logical for example in an app that measures your steps during the day that would have to value with a social network.

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