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Saturday, 10 February 2018

How to increase the flash intensity of the camera in iOS 11

Let's face it, more than one of us used the iPhone camera flash to see in the dark. Whether it's in the hallway, as we head into the kitchen to prepare some nibbling while watching our favorite Netflix series , or maybe in the room to put on our pajamas before going to sleep.

However, both in photography and in other uses, sometimes the camera flash is not enough ... But no problem! Did you know that it is possible to increase (and decrease) the flash intensity with iOS 11 ?

In fact, this functionality was already available in iOS 10 , within the options of the iPhone Control Center. In this simple tutorial we will explain how to adjust the flash intensity of the camera on any iPhone model. It's very easy, you'll see!

How to adjust the flash intensity of the camera in iOS 11

Previously, in iOS 10, the flash intensity of the camera had three levels: low, medium and high . However, interestingly, Apple's software and hardware engineers have managed to add one more level.

Before starting the tutorial, make sure your iPhone has the software related to iOS 10 or iOS 11 installed. Let's start!

1. Turn on the screen of your iPhone and unlock your device.

2. Activate the Control Center by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top.

3. Keep your finger pressed on the flash button in the shape of a flashlight.

4. Slide your finger on the intensity bar and you can check how the level of the flash is changing.

If necessary, you can add the flash button of the camera in your Control Center from Settings> Control Center> Customize controls .

Easy, right? If you have any questions about this tutorial, we'll wait for you in the comments section! 

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