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Saturday, 24 February 2018

How to Jailbreak Apple TV: step by step tutorial

The Apple TV is a great device , however, it seems that Apple has not managed to take full advantage of this little gadget. Despite being quite powerful and capable of running multiple applications, the Apple TV is still a pretty big iPhone.

But that can always change. So if you want to make your Apple TV a much more useful and complete in the multimedia aspect, here we leave a tutorial to make Jailbreak . Mind you, not all Apple TV are compatible with Jailbreak. This procedure has been carried out using a Mac.

Is my Apple TV compatible with Jailbreak? 

This is the main question. You have already made the decision that you want to open the doors of your Apple TV, but you are not sure if your model is compatible with current methods. About 10 years ago that Apple launched the first model of this device, and since then much has changed, Apple TV 4 being the model that brought more news .

Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 4 are very easy to free with Jailbreak, so the process should not give you many problems even if you have never done it before. The first generation Apple TV also has a Jailbreak method, however, age is already noticeable, and although we do this procedure we will still have a poor performance. On the other hand, the Apple TV 3 does not have an unlocking method yet.

How to jailbreak my Apple TV

You are ready to carry out the Jailbreak process on your Apple TV. The only thing you have to do is follow the steps that we are going to leave you here below. Remember that this whole procedure is at your own risk, so see where you're going.
Jailbreak my Apple TV 2

If you have an Apple TV 2 , remember that you can only Jailbreak if you have the version of tvOS 5.3. If so, follow these steps:

1- Download Seas0nPass from the FireCore website.

2- Unzip the application that you just downloaded and move it to the Applications folder of your Mac.

3- Connect your Apple TV 2 to the Mac using a micro-USB cable.

4- Open the Seas0nPass application and click Create IPSW.

5- When required, press the Menu and Play / Pause buttons at the same time in the control of your Apple TV.

6- Click Done when the program has finished jailbreaking your device.

7- Now connect your Apple TV to your TV using an HDMI cable and turn it on.

Now every time you turn on your device you should be able to see the FireCore logo on the screen. This means that you have already carried out the procedure successfully, now you only have to install the services you want.

Jailbreak my Apple TV 4 

If you want to jailbreak your fourth-generation Apple TV , follow these steps:

1- Download Cydia Impactor and the liberTV file to your computer.

2- Connect your Apple TV to your PC using an USB type-C to USB type-A cable.

3- Open Cydia Impactor and drag the liberTV file to the program to load it.

4- Click on Start to start the procedure.

5- The program will ask you for your Apple ID and password to which the Apple TV is associated. Enter the data with confidence.

6- Now the program will install liberTV on your device. Once the process is complete, disconnect it from your computer.

7- Without turning it off, connect the Apple TV to the screen . You should see an application called liberTV in the menu.

8- Open the liberTV app and configure the aspects of your Jailbreak. When you have everything ready, click on "Do it!" .

9- When the jailbreak process is finished, you should see the message " Success! Your TV has been liberated! " If it fails, do not worry, just try again. It may take more than one attempt to achieve it.

Although the process is not too different from what we already did with the Apple TV 2, in this case the Jailbreak is not permanent . That is, you will have to follow these last steps every time you turn on and off your device.

However, remember that Apple TV 4 enters "Sleep Mode" when we do not use it for a long period of time, so if you do not want to lose your Jailbreak or do not want to do the procedure every time, we recommend that you do not turn it off and let it enter that state. Also, do not spend too much energy while at rest. Also, you can only do Jailbreak if you have tvOS 10.0 or tvOS 10.1 .

This is all. The procedure in both cases is quite simple , and your Apple TV is not in danger at any time. If you have one of these devices and have not used it for a while, we recommend that you follow these steps to give it a new life.

Are you interested in Jailbreak an Apple TV? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Macworld 

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