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Friday, 2 February 2018

How to jailbreak iOS 11: All the tools available for iPhone and iPad

Those who thought that with iOS 11 and all its news, the jailbreak was doomed to extinction , we could not be more wrong. And it is that already in June, with iOS 11 still in the beta testing lab, some security experts uploaded to their Twitter account the jailbreak tests in iOS 11 .

So with a system as stable and consolidated as iOS 11 - which we would later discover was full of bugs and poor battery management and low performance -, the jailbreak was once again appearing once iOS 11 was released to the public. The jailbreak was more alive than ever and they demonstrated it by jailbreaking the jewel in The Apple Crown: the iPhone X.
IOS 11 Jailbreak
First signs

The first of all came with a somewhat particular premise : it did not require the use of a computer to jailbreak and could also be done for devices with software installed iOS 10.2.1 - iOS 11.0.3, something that raised all suspicions regarding its reliability, although it comes from Pangu, an old acquaintance in these conflicts. Here is the tutorial: Jailbreak without PC for iOS 10.2.1 - iOS 11.0.3

Shortly after, the versions of iOS 11 were succeeded as the foam and it is not for less with the blisters raised because of the problems originated by iOS 11. Meanwhile, from Twitter returned the promises of new jailbreaks thanks to exploits detected .

Even on the internet we saw again a unique case : an iPhone X with iOS 11 installed and jailbreak executed successfully!
The jailbreak of iOS 11 reaches the public

And finally La Luz sees a functional iOS 11 jailbreak , yes, at the moment available only to developers . Pure and hard code to which soon someone would add a kinder layer for the rest of users.

New year, new life and how not: finally an iOS 11 jailbreak for users with a procedure similar to previous versions. Here is the tutorial on how to install in 5 steps the Jailbreak iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone and iPad, with the help of LiberyOS.

And as always, more alternatives. If you do not like the iOS 11 jailbreak of LiberyOS , you also have our step-by-step tutorial available from Jailbreak Electra for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 .

However, once you've done jailbreak you found yourself with a sad reality: there is no Cydia available for you to download and install apps for vitamin and tweaks. Substitute, a substitute for Cydia, was announced as a substitute .

At the moment, this is all available to jailbreak iOS 11 . We will continue informing! 

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