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Friday, 9 February 2018

How to know if an iPhone is new or reconditioned?

We are all surprised when we find some of the offers that circulate on the internet and that allow us to access phones like the iPhone 8 at a really interesting price without having to sell our freedom to a telephone company, however, many times it is not that it seems and it is possible that they give us a hare if we are not attentive. Both when buying the phone, and when receiving it in our home, mainly because we may not know its origin.

Although we recommend that you buy your devices in reliable places, the truth is that sometimes it is very difficult to resist and we buy what we think are some bargains. If at the end we receive the phone, we can not lower our guard, because it is possible that it does not comply with what was specified in the sale, at least, as regards the state of the device and if it is a new iPhone or if the otherwise it has had another owner.

To know if your iPhone is a new device, or if it is reconditioned, that is, a device that has gone through the technical service and that has been repaired and resold, or has been returned, we will have to go to the Information section, in the General section of the Settings app. Once we are there, we will have to look at the model , specifically, in the first letter of it.

If your first letter is M, it is a new device. If it is an F, it has been reconditioned and resold, while an N indicates that it is a replacement device delivered after going through the technical service and a P shows that it has been customized with an engraving on the back. Of course, this does not mean that your iPhone is going to work badly, but it is recommended that, at least, you demand an explanation to the seller in case you do not comply with the established.

And you, where do you buy your latest iPhone?

Via | OSXDaily 

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