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Sunday, 4 February 2018

How to make a screenshot on Instagram without being detected

Suppose you are exploring your favorite stories on Instagram and see a delicious recipe for a delicious dish, or perhaps a splendid landscape of nature, and you want to take a snapshot to save the image in your photo albums. It is possible, yes, but Instagram will detect it and send a notification to the user that you have taken a screenshot.

So ... how to make a screenshot on Instagram without the application detecting it? Surely you've asked yourself more than once ... Well here's the answer!

In this simple tutorial for iPhone we will explain how you can take a screenshot in iOS 11 without being detected by Instagram or notifying users.

How to take screenshots with your iPhone without being detected on Instagram

When Snapchat started its success in the iOS App Store, one of its most useful features was that no one could take a screenshot or screenshot of other users' snaps without being detected.

Now, Instagram has the same feature, and as we mentioned previously if someone takes a screenshot of your story the application will notify you through a notification.

Here are some tricks to take a screenshot, these methods work for Snapchat and Instagram.

1. Use another phone

This technique is the most rudimentary, but also the most traditional. When there were no screenshots as such on mobile phones (eye, watch, no smartphones) we had no choice but to use another phone to take a picture on the screen . Convoluted, yes, but it works.

2. No Internet connection

Fully upload an Instagram story, or a snap of Snapchat, then disable your Wi-Fi connection, your mobile data and / or Bluetooth connectivity. Then, quickly return to the beginning of the story or the snap and take a screenshot. Wait 30 seconds before reconnecting to the Internet.

3. Via QuickTime

The last method is probably the most effective of all. To take a screenshot without Instagram detecting you will have to connect your iPhone to the Mac, open QuickTime and make a recording with this software . You just have to press File> New recording . When you're watching the Snapchat snap or the Instagram story you want to capture ... just do the screenshot on your Mac.

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