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Thursday, 1 February 2018

How to record a FaceTime call

FaceTime makes it easy for users to keep in touch with our partner, our friends and / or family. The intuitiveness, simplicity and efficiency of the application make it one of the most used apps in the Apple ecosystem.

However, FaceTime conversations are ephemeral. It's not like the Messages app, which allows you to store all chat conversations on iPhone, iPad and Mac. As soon as we post a FaceTime call, those magical moments are lost forever.

There are very special moments that should be kept , so they do not get lost in oblivion. For example, a video call between a grandparent and his grandchild, an important call with your lawyer, a romantic conversation with your partner, etc.

FaceTime allows us to enjoy these moments on iPhone, iPad and Mac, but does not offer the possibility to record them or create a digital copy with a video. Therefore, today we will explain how to record FaceTime video calls through a very simple tutorial.

How to record FaceTime calls on iPhone, iPad and Mac


1. Open the FaceTime application on your Mac.

2. Open the QuickTime application on your Mac.

3. Access File> New recording in QuickTime.

4. Click on the down arrow button and select the microphone you want to use for the FaceTime conversation.

5. Then click on the red circular button to start recording the FaceTime call.

6. Finally, click on the square icon in a circle to stop the recording.

iPhone and iPad

Apple added an option to record the iOS 11 screen on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, this functionality does not offer sound recording.

1. Plug your iPhone and iPad to the Mac via USB.

2. Open the QuickTime application on your Mac.

3. Access File> New recording.

4. Select your iPhone or your iPad in the "Camera" section of the floating QuickTime recording menu.

5. Start recording by pressing on the red circular button when you have started the FaceTime video call.

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