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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

How to reject an incoming call with the iPhone blocked

Rejecting a call on the iPhone does not have to mean that you do not want to talk to whoever calls you, maybe, but there are situations in which it is not possible . Imagine a hospital, the cinema or a place of worship. Or maybe, whoever calls you is the heavy one on duty, those of your telephone company to send you the offer of your life. You must answer , since it is not something you want to face at that moment.

Before seeing how it is done, it is very simple, perhaps we should discern how to reject the call when the device is unlocked and when it is not. If there is no block, 4 icons appear, accept (green), reject (red), remember and message (both blank). These last two allow the phone to set a reminder to call at the time that suits you, or send a message to your interlocutor saying he can not attend.

And obviously it is very easy to reject the call, press the red button and solve the issue. However, when the phone is locked, you receive a call and there is only one icon that says "Swipe to answer". And the one to refuse? It does not exist, at least as an icon . So, what do people who do not want to answer? Leave the iPhone ringing and your caller waiting.

The truth is that you can easily understand why Apple does not put a reject icon for the locked screen. The assumption is that when the iPhone is blocked, it is most likely in your pocket, backpack or purse, so you can accidentally reject a call unintentionally . But you should know that it is possible to reject a call in such circumstances
How to reject a call when the iPhone is blocked

If you find yourself in this position it is easy to act, you simply have to press the side button on the iPhone X , iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or the power button on the iPhone 7 or earlier models and the call will be muted.

To reject the call, you must press the side button again . Or you can directly reject the call by pressing the side or rest button or activation twice in a row.
Can I do it from the EarPods?

Of course, you only have to press twice in a row on the central area between the up button and the volume down button.

And with the AirPods?

Unfortunately it is not possible to do it with the most famous wireless headphones on the market.

We hope that this simple tutorial has helped you in case of need. We are waiting for you with more interesting articles so that you do not have any secret of your iPhone to discover . 

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