How to remove scratches so that your iPhone X looks like the first day -


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Monday, 26 February 2018

How to remove scratches so that your iPhone X looks like the first day

The iPhone X , despite its controversial design, is a true work of art . Its Infinity screen that covers the entire front, the glass panel on the back and its stainless steel chassis give it a spectacular and luxurious look.

But be that as it may, that shiny steel chassis can lose all its radiance after months of use due to bumps and scratches . Luckily, like everything in this life, it is a problem that has a solution.

In this article we will explain, through a curious video tutorial, how to eliminate scratches from the side bezels of your iPhone X. A YouTuber named Quinnn Nelson of Snazz Labs has published a video in which it returns all the brightness to the coating of Apple's iPhone X. Additionally, the video also explains how to eliminate some scratches caused by falls and blows .

Remove scratches and restore the brightness of the iPhone X

The materials used in the manufacture of the side bezels of the iPhone X are scratched very easily. Fortunately, the process for removing scratches is quite simple. You will need to use a special wax to polish metals , and using a microfiber cloth to apply it gently on its edges.

The method shown in the video only works with the silver iPhone X and not with the spatial gray version. If you use this method on a spatial gray iPhone X, you could damage its coating permanently.

You can use this useful trick on your silver-colored iPhone X once every few months, and the results are spectacular as you can see in the video.

Via | iPhone Hacks 

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