How to turn your iPad into an electric guitar with this accessory -


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Sunday, 4 February 2018

How to turn your iPad into an electric guitar with this accessory

Those who are (we are) musicians are in luck. You have at your disposal a toy of those that we like and that promises to make a lot of noise, because it does. We talk about the iRig, a device in the form of classic pedalboard to which you can add your iPad to make real mischief.

The best thing about all this is that you can add either a guitar, a bass or a microphone. In short, any instrument that can be connected to a jack. The only thing you have to worry about is not to step on your iPad! Because we already know that music unties our wild side .

With this accessory you can connect it, for example, between the guitar and your amplifier and use many of the applications in iOS to process sounds or add effects. And that's how the sound possibilities multiply and you have an authentic rock of digital effects for a price much lower than that of stores.

And this is not all, because the iRig also works as a MIDI controller. As you know, MIDI is the language of applications and music devices use to communicate with each other, and this accessory can use their connections to control any device that uses this language and without having to connect it to a computer.

The iRig has an elegant all-in-one design that perfectly highlights its flexibility and versatility, which are its true weapons. In this unique accessory you have everything you need to record in studio, rehearse or go out on stage and play , without having to assemble complex equipment. Come on, that puts you at a very high level for a fairly small cost, we talk about 300 dollars.

So put some good strings, shine the guitar, temper your voice and give it hard. As iRig the possibilities multiply, because in addition to everything we have told you , you can connect it to a PC or a Mac . What else do you want? 

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