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Sunday, 18 February 2018

How to use the VIP Mail users of your iPhone and iPad

We all have a series of contacts that we never, under any circumstances, want to lose a single mail. Either because it is an important relationship for us, or because it supposes a great responsibility that we should be aware of, we can not afford the fact that these emails are lost among the advertising that floods us every day in the net. And for that, we have a most interesting function.

Already some versions, was introduced in iOS the ability to select a group of specific addresses in order to highlight their emails and distinguish them from all others. This feature is the VIP lists, which are part of the iOS smart mailboxes, and as their name indicates, they highlight the emails received from the addresses that have been previously selected in them.
Activate push updates for your email

In order to use the VIP lists correctly, and to take full advantage of this functionality, we must first activate the push updates. When these are in operation, the emails are notified instantly, as soon as they are received on the server. In this way, we do not have to wait for the scheduled update to arrive and we can respond quickly.

To carry out this procedure, we will have to go to the Settings app, where we will select the Accounts section. There we can select the option to obtain data, where the frequency with which the information of each of the mail accounts will be updated is shown. For push updates to activate, we must select the Push option (if it is not already enabled) and then choose the accounts that can use it in the same menu.
Set up your notifications for VIP groups

Now that we are sure that the emails will arrive instantly, we just have to choose how we want the notifications of the emails sent from our VIP contacts to be displayed. Go to the Notifications section in the Settings app, and then choose the Mail app, after this, touch the VIP settings and customize it to your liking, keeping in mind that these settings will have priority over those you have already set for each account.

As in any app, you can choose if you want to be presented with strips, to keep in the notification history, or if you simply want to receive a single notification. Of course, in this case the warning will come yes or yes, because it is a list specially designed for that purpose, so you can not disable notifications on this list.

Select your favorite contacts, the best among the best

To finish, we have to find all those contacts that we do not want to lose sight of. Keep in mind that you will always receive notifications of your emails as you have previously configured, so it is not advisable to use it for too many , much less for advertising lists, since you may end up taking a fright by emails that have little use or that you simply did not have any interest in seeing.

To add contacts to the list simply select the sender of one of the emails and choose Add to VIP list , you can also access the menu dedicated to this list by touching the information icon that appears in the VIP tray.

In addition, you can also access from this menu to the configuration of the notices and eliminate those addresses that no longer have any interest for you. Much better than checking all the settings again, going around the multitasking menu and continuously changing to the Settings app.

With this trick you will no longer have an excuse to respond quickly to the highest priority emails you receive, since you will know when they have arrived quickly. Of course, if you decide to disconnect or get away as much as possible from stress, maybe the best option you have is to turn off the phone, or at least avoid this function as much as you can, because depending on the people you add, you can end up bored of notifications.

And you, who do you want to have always controlled with this function? 

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