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Thursday, 15 February 2018

If you are an EVO Banco, Caja Rural and Sodexo customer, you can use Apple Pay

The convenience of taking your iPhone to make a payment is something that many users in Spain. Today we have known that the entity EVO Bank and Caja Rural will begin to operate with this system soon , which means without a doubt great news for its customers.

The Sodexo service company is also another one that gets on the car of this convenient system for making payments. And it is that Apple Pay only has advantages, apart from the increase it offers since it can be paid using our fingerprint or the Face ID system of the iPhone X.

None of the entities is formed of the specific moment from which it will begin to operate with Apple Pay, everything indicates that it will be in a short space of time . It follows the path opened by other entities such as CaixaBank, Banco Santander, or financial institutions such as those of American Express or Carrefour.

    You were waiting for it. EVO with Apple Pay. Soon available. pic.twitter.com/DU6SgBvr1Q
    - EVObanco (@EVObanco) February 14, 2018

Pay: read it here

However, there are still many banks that are left out of this system , such as BBVA, ING or Banco Sabadell, and these entities do not yet have an expected adoption date for Apple Pay, it is already known to stay on the sidelines, for whatever reason, it can be a handicap for certain users.

According to Apple, its payment system is more convenient to use than a debit or credit card . Truth be told, it provides extra security to be able to use both fingerprint and our face. In addition to this, the card number is never stored either in the device or in the servers of the North American company.

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