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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

If you paid to change the battery, Apple could return your money

The uproar caused by the now known as batterygate is still continuing, although this time, because of the "benefits" that Apple gave to the injured users in order to apologize. As you know, the company has been facing public opinion since it was known that it slowed down the terminals that had lost a good part of their battery capacity in order to avoid problems of power spikes that the battery could not withstand.

It all started once it was demonstrated that this slowdown was completely real, in the company they had to take measures to be able to compensate all those affected, starting with the replacement of discounted batteries for telephones already out of warranty together with some software changes that will allow , in future versions of iOS, check the health of the battery , as well as choose whether or not to activate the slowdown.

As a result of this, certain consumers who had already paid Apple on previous occasions for the replacement of the battery of the affected models have begun to complain, given that these advantages will not be applied, at least for now. And is that Californians are already exploring the option of returning to users who requested the service the proportionate part of the discount that has been applied now in order to avoid possible legal disputes.

Of course, although it seemed that this incident was already being forgotten, it begins to give the impression that we still have much to see before we stop listening to the word "batterygate" for the last time. However, we are sure that, thanks to improvements like those that have been implemented in the beta version of iOS 11.3 , we can leave it behind little by little, even if that means starting to see how the phones start to restart for no apparent reason.

And you, have you already changed the battery of your iPhone?

Via | MacRumors 

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