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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

If you still have an iPhone 5c, Apple has a surprise for you

Sure you remember the iPhone 5c. A model presented in September 2013 and that gave a lot to talk, mainly for its colorful range and return to the plastic back, which was not produced from the iPhone 3GS.

Well, although it seems unbelievable, this phone is now topical. We do not mean that Apple has decided to take it back, much less, but because we have known that Apple can replace models that are still in use and that are 16 GB capacity by others 32 GB. Come on, a 2 × 1 full-fledged!

Apple refers to users who have this model and take it to repair, they can see replaced the device, if it is the lower capacity, by one with twice. It does not say that all the models are going to be replaced , so if you have one do not go running to your nearest Apple Store. In addition to this you must have some problem, including manufacturing.

But of course, realizing a manufacturing problem five years after its launch seems a bit anecdotal. Although the Cupertino company has not received any kind of causes for this change to one of greater capacity, everything seems to indicate that the existing stock is mostly 32 GB .

Although the iPhone 5c is no longer manufactured, it was not a failure at all . Basically it was an iPhone 5, presented a year earlier, with a four-inch screen , plastic back and an improved processor. Apple presented at the same time with the iPhone 5c, the iPhone 5s, which had Touch ID among one of its most important novelties. And what about its design, a jewel.

So you know, you can ask at your nearest Apple Store about the availability of change if your device has some kind of problem. You can see yourself benefited!

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