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Monday, 19 February 2018

If your Apple Watch does not respond, try this trick

If there is something that scares us, it is to see how our beloved device, the same one that cost us hundreds of euros at the time, suddenly stops working. Normally, it is something that we can solve with just pressing the start button, but there are also certain times when even this does not work well at all, in fact, it does not even respond. It is for this reason that today we bring you a little trick that will help you whenever one of these failures you catch of unexpected.

Specifically, the trick that we teach today works for those situations in which the apps of your watch stop working unexpectedly, stopping responding to gestures on the touch screen. For these cases, in which the physical buttons do not work normally, preventing the return to the application menu and the Dock, and therefore preventing the use of the clock and any of its functions, it is necessary to use a procedure that usually passes unnoticed.

Although many would try to force the reset of the clock by pressing and holding the power / dock button, it is not necessary to go to that extreme, but it is possible to close the application that we are using at that moment by a simple combination of buttons that you can see in Detail in the following animated image.

You just have to press and hold the power button until you get to the menu where you let us turn off the device, activate the emergency mode, or display the medical data. Once you have reached this menu, you have to keep the digital crown pressed for a few seconds, until you return to the menu or, as in this case for having accessed from a complication, the sphere. In this way, the app will close and you can restart it from the menu.

And you, have you experienced these types of mistakes before?

Via | iPhone Tricks 

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