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Monday, 5 February 2018

If you're obscenely rich you need this 18K iPhone X

There are many companies that are dedicated to designing different iPhone models to turn them into real luxury jewelry . Without going any further, a few months ago we discovered an iPhone X Gold Edition with 24 carat gold available for more than 3,500 dollars.

Today, we take a look at an iPhone X 18 carat gold designed by Bentley . This exclusive and luxurious special edition smartphone has a spectacular appearance, but is only available to a few.

Apple's iPhone X , with a price between 1,159 and 1,329 euros, is already a very expensive smartphone. But if you're obscenely rich you can find this iPhone X with 18-carat gold in its back shell and in the ring of your camera.

iPhone X
iPhone X Bentley Edition

This exclusive iPhone model designed by Bentley has been discovered via Instagram, through this photograph shared by TechManiack:

Apparently, so far only 100 units of this luxurious iPhone X with 18 carat gold have been manufactured . Interestingly, the company has withdrawn the Apple logo to incorporate its own.

The back of the device has some markings on both sides in golden color and indicate the text "Special Edition For Bentley". The 18K iPhone X has been hand-made by Golden Ace Geneva . For now, its price is unknown.

In the following video you will appreciate this iPhone X 18K gold in more detail:

What do you think about this luxurious iPhone X gold? Do you think it's too much? Would you buy a smartphone like that?

Via | iPhone Hacks 

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